40 NORTH Dance Film Fest is an international dance film festival based in San Diego, CA – programming a wide range of dance films which join multiple disciplines and genres. The 4th annual 40 NORTH Fest will take place September 21st - October 6th, 2018.

Featuring a visual feast of dance on camera in curated environments and intimate screenings, 40 NORTH is thrilled to showcase a growing number of programs which include: Curated Film Screenings, Immersive Dance + Media Installations, Panels and new Community Workshop + Collaborative Gallery. 

40 NORTH’s mission is to: 

  • Celebrate and promote accessibility to dance through dancefilm – the rapidly evolving future of the art form

  • Showcase diverse dance and film styles while educating, uplifting and expanding both our local and international dance communities

  • Create a forum to share the diverse genres of both dance and film, providing a platform for all voices to speak and be heard & a communal space for cross-disciplinary artists and audiences alike.

2015 Official Selections, Winners, Film Notes, Bios, + More available here