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40 NORTH Dance Film Festival aims to bring dance and artistic filmmaking to a broader audience while providing a platform for dance and film artists to share their voices with the world, inspiring movers and filmmakers, alike.

40 NORTH Dance Film Festival is open to films at any length, especially those that utilize a breadth of different filmic and dance styles or techniques to display movement using the screen or frame as a stage.

Different criteria for the films chosen to be presented in 40 NORTH include: quality of image, sound, choreography and dance; with attention on camera choreography and innovative use of editing techniques, as well as cultural relevance and social consciousness & awareness. We believe that the films submitted and selected from around the globe reflect back to us: our place as movers and artists in an evolving, diverse and complex world. We select films based on both technical quality and creativity as well as expressive and social/political/environmental content. We are looking for films that upend standards and shift perspectives.

By selecting and screening a wide range of works, 40 NORTH continually asks the question: “What is a dance/dance-film?” – As of 2017, 40 NORTH invites projects + proposals of new media and cross-disciplinary installation work into the festival with support from Art Produce and Duke University among others. 40 NORTH is geared toward exhibiting the research and action it takes to make an impact on the relevance & evolution of dance as an art form.

The 3rd annual 40 NORTH Dance Film Festival will be held in San Diego, California – September 25-30, 2017. 

40N Team

Chelsea Zeffiro

Co-Founder | Festival Curator, Executive Director


Kaitlyn Petrik

Assistant Curator | Tech Production Liason

Sam Zauscher

Director of Operations 

Rebecca Correia

Co-Founder | Director of Communications & PR

Blythe Barton

Co-Founder | Director of Event Management 




Art Produce

Official Festival Partner | Co-Producer


Museum of Photographic Art

Festival Venue

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Support 40 NORTH and it's mission to celebrate, promote, and foster collaboration in dance and film. 100% of donations go directly towards funding the 40 NORTH Dance Film Festival.



Want to increase your reach and support? 40 NORTH looks forward to working with partners and sponsors to move art, the artist, and collaboration forward.  For further information contact Rebecca at