2016 Film + Awards List available at the close of the festival



7:30 House Opens

8:00 Screening: OFFICIAL SELECTIONS, Part I

"Pacing" | Juliette Machado

"Force of Movement" | Niv Shank

"Little Ease" | Matthew Tarr, Ami Ipapo, Elizabeth Streb

"Wander/lost" | Keith Johnson & Gregory R.R. Crosby

"Between 2 Ends" | Alejandro Parra, Tanya Lewis

"End(s)" | Sinziana Velicesu


"Dancers of NYC" | Tristan Pope

"Icarus" | Max Kutschenreuter

"These Moments" | Caryn Glass

"Looking at the Stars" | Alexandre Peralta

Q&A + Awards


7:00 House Opens + Pre-ception

8:00 Screening: OFFICIAL SELECTIONS, Part II

"Tonight" | Lara Ionescu

"Aligned" | Mary Kruk

"Vanishing Lines" | Sara Silkin

"Do You Wear the Mask?" | Cory Ring & Sandra Ruiz

"Body without a brain" | Mark Freeman


"FACEDANCE" | Rachel Winchester

"Lullaby" | Aurora Lagattuta, BodyBoca

"itsy bitsy" | Lisa and Juju Kusanagi

"KATHRYN" | Dylan Tedaldi

"Cosmic Corruption" | Jack Henry Robbins

"Enso" | Robert Uehlin, Faith Morrison

Q&A + Awards


2015 Films: Notes + Details



Juliette Machado & Bellingham Repertory Dance Company

Wasington | Hawaii

CREDITS: Director, Cinematographer, Editor: Juliette Machado Co-Director: Wyn Pottratz Asst. Director: Megan Dechaine Dancers: Sylvia Graham, Alona Christman, Alethea Alexander, Tabetha Clark, Brooke Evans Movement for this piece was created by the dancers in response to the poetry of Sandra F. Lucke Special thanks to Sonja Max

SUBMITTED SYNOPSIS: This piece was devised, filmed, and edited in Bellingham, WA by members of the Bellingham Repertory Dance company. It explores a series of movement solos in a distressed environment and plays with obscuring and revealing its subjects. The score is composed entirely of sounds captured on set, and is designed to emphasize their unique rhythmic qualities.




Niv Shank & Myo Leong


CREDITS: Performer by - Myo leong Cinematography by - Sean park Music by Moby - " Snow ball"

SUBMITTED SYNOPSIS: Force of movement Synopsis - A visual journey of a young man, on the verge of death, laying down on the ground in the Desert, with his eyes closed and wondering, what if he had one more chance to stay alive and lift himself from his reality, what would it be like, what would he do and how will he embrace his freedom and desires to stay a live. The piece will take a turn when our hero, slow get up from the ground and start running like he earned his life again. The viewer will keep wondering what ermine his fantasy and what is the actual reality.



LITTLE EASE (Outside the box) * WINNER: AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD (August 7, 2016)

Matthew Tarr, Ami Ipapo, & Elizabeth Streb


CREDITS: Matthew Tarr, Director; Ami Ipapo, Dancer; Elizabeth Streb, Choreography

SUBMITTED SYNOPSIS: A reinvention of Elizabeth Streb's iconic solo work "Little Ease," taking the movement literally outside the box and into the streets.




Keith Johnson & Gregory R.R. Crosby, Directors


CREDITS: Directed by Keith Johnson and Gregory R.R. Crosby Choreography and Performance by Keith Johnson Cinematography and Video Editing by Gregory R.R. Crosby Screening include: 2014 Short Waves Festival - Dances with Camera, Poland 2013 Arts Council for Long Beach A LOT initiative CSULB Dance Film Festival; Long Beach, CA 2013 Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema; Boulder, CO 2013 Long Beach Dance Foundation at The Bungalow; Long Beach, CA 2013 Dance on Camera Film Festival; New York, NY 2012 4 the Camera Outdoor Dance Film Festival; Long Beach, CA

SUBMITTED SYNOPSIS: Wander/lost is a tone poem that embodies the ideas of traveling, disorientation, loss, and redemption. Dance and experimental imagery blend together to provide emotional context.



Between Two Ends

Tanya Lewis & Erica Reyna, Choreography & Performance | Alejandro Parra, Director | Scooter Oyama, Music


CREDITS: Choreographed Performed by Erica Reyna and Tanya Lewis Photographed and Edited by Alejandro Parra Original Music by Scooter Oyama

SUBMITTED SYNOPSIS: Inspired by our own relationships with other women, both witnessed and experienced; the contradiction of care and violent carelessness, all within the processes of finding one's own identity.



Sinziana Velicesu, Director |  Blythe Barton Dance, Choreography


CREDITS: Sinzina Velicescu, Director; Blythe Barton Dance, Choreography; Chelsea Zeffiro & Nicholas Strasburg

SUBMITTED SYNOPSIS: Exploring time and space amid the Los Angeles skyline, two dancers portray what could be the beginning or the end. Originally produced in collaboration with Standard Vision for screening on the Courtyard Marriott at LA Live.





Dancers of NYC

Tristan Pope

New York

CREDITS: All dancers in order of appearance: Anna Pinault Callie Lyons Arielle petruzzella haylee Nichele paulina bracone Candace Can Dance Jacob Melvin Brittany Cavaco Julian Watson Ashley Marinelli Bjorn Bolinder Lindsey L Miller Noreen Hughes Mckenzie Mullan Kailee Felix Natalie Deryn Johnson Photographer Assistant: Alana Nicole

SUBMITTED SYNOPSIS: A beautiful montage of dancers all over NYC captured in 240 frames per second on the iPhone 6 to let the majesty of their motion truly shine through a new medium. With the combination of ease of use, affordability, and creativity you can turn your iPhone into an amazing tool for films such as Dancers in NYC. For me, the juxtaposition of the absolutely magical beauty of a ballerina’s form and technique with style and fashion and trends produces a beautiful result that caters to a broader and potentially deeper audience.




Max Kutschenreuter, Director, Producer | Olafur Arnalds, Choreography


CREDITS: Morris Glasmacher - Icarus Francisco pinho - Daedalus Fernanda Silva - choreographer Olafur arnalds - music

SUBMITTED SYNOPSIS: Based on the story of Icarus, it is set in a dream of Daedalus after the fall. He reconnects within the dream with Icarus again. At first they soar, and dance together but in the end it remains a dream. Ending it all in a bitter close. A story on how we deal with grief.



These Moments

Caryn Glass, Director | Scripps Performing Arts Academy & Scripps Ballet Theatre, Dancers


CREDITS: Danced by: Emily Ashdown Emma Boyles Madison Duffy Lauren Estess Michelle Fan Emily Isaacman Jordan London Carly Sweeney Dancers of the Scripps Performing Arts Academy and the Scripps Ballet Theatre. Under the direction of Angela Amoroso and Miah Nwosu.

SUBMITTED SYNOPSIS: "These Moments" is a short dance film created in collaboration with a San Diego youth ballet company and the Mitchell's Journey organization in an effort to provide young artists with a unique performance experience and to generate awareness and advocacy for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.


Looking At The Stars (Olhando pras Estrelas) * WINNER: GRAND JURY AWARD (August 7, 2016)

Alexandre Peralta


CREDITS: Directed by Alexandre Peralta, featuring dancers of the Fernanda Bianchini Association of Ballet and Arts for the Blind.

SUBMITTED SYNOPSIS: Force of movement Synopsis - A visual journey of a young man, on the verge of death, laying down on the ground in the Desert, with his eyes closed and wondering, what if he had one more chance to stay alive and lift himself from his reality, what would it be like, what would he do and how will he embrace his freedom and desires to stay a live. The piece will take a turn when our hero, slow get up from the ground and start running like he earned his life again. The viewer will keep wondering what ermine his fantasy and what is the actual reality.





Lara Ionescu & Iona Marchidan


CREDITS: With: Ioana Marchidan, Radu Plesea DIRECTED & WRITTEN by: Lara Ionescu DOP & EDIT: Serban Ionescu STYLING: Maria Harangus HAIR: Dionisie Lupu MAKE UP: Ioana Micu CHOREOGRAPHY: Ioana Marchidan ORIGINAL MUSIC: Serban Ionescu

SUBMITTED SYNOPSIS: "Tonight" follows the story of a woman in search of her freedom. By unleashing her past and the misjudgement of her own identity, shaped either by society or by personal relationships, she decides to discover her own path way. "Tonight" is a moment of reverie, a moment of decision, a jump cut to a new, honest version of her own femininity. Through the quest for a passion we all seek within ourselves, the character peels off all layers and takes a closer look at who she really is.



Mary Kruk


CREDITS: Directed, written, produced, and performed by Mark Kruk

SUBMITTED SYNOPSIS: A short film on navigating through dance with an unbalanced body.



Sara Silkin


CREDITS: Sara Silkin, Director; Sabela Grimes, Choreography; Featuring Carol Macdowell & Steven Montgomery

SUBMITTED SYNOPSIS: DANCE FOR THE CAMERA piece with a narrative. Carol gets lost in her music and loses the reality that surrounds her.


DO you wear the mask?

Cory Ring & Sandra Ruiz


CREDITS: Directed by Cory Ring & Sandra Ruiz | Featuring Sandra Ruiz

SUBMITTED SYNOPSIS: The character present in the film is experiencing a deeply embedded landscape of her imagination. She views a masked figure through a television screen. The masked figure is a part of her fabricated reality. The mask is empowering, but has the potential to be destructive if worn to a degree of perverse obsession. Faith vs. physics is the game being played. A masked reality can be the bearers truth, because truth is what you make it.


Body without a brain

Mark Freeman, Director | Rianto, Choreography & Performance

Indonesia | California

CREDITS: Choreographer and Dancer: Rianto Cinematographer: Purbo Wahyono Editor: Cari Ann Shim Sham* Music: Yasuhiro Morinaga

SUBMITTED SYNOPSIS: Body Without a Brain is a high risk, physically demanding dance for camera. Rianto seems to be in a trance as he creates an unpremeditated encounter with the elements. He describes the work as like a tree without roots. The piece embodies anxiety as the natural world becomes ever more threatened. Filmed in Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo). Body Without a Brain's featured dancer & choreographer, Rianto, is included in Mark Freeman's longer film about contemporary dance in Indonesia --"Rasa Dara Tari" (The Soul of Dance) -- which features 6 contemporary Indonesian choreographers and dances, and can be located on Mark's website:




Rachel Winchester


CREDITS: Concept and Performance- Rachel Winchester, Molly Everts, Taylor Theis Directed and Edited by- Rachel Winchester, with animation by John Emmons Animation- "Concrete Animation" by John Emmons Sound-- music composed by Diana Rosenblum

SUBMITTED SYNOPSIS: FACEDANCE is a short film meant to be presented as screendance, or as an arts installation, played on a loop for a mobile and discerning audience within a gallery or lobby setting. FACEDANCE allows its viewers to question what may be considered choreography, and how expression can be abstracted through the art of structured improvisation and the use of choreographic objects. This film exemplifies the accessibility of modern technology, created and initially edited on an iPad.



Aurora Lagattuta

Germany | California

CREDITS: Aurora Lagattuta, Creator | Dimitri Blue, Director | BodyBoca, Producer

SUBMITTED SYNOPSIS: A reflection on the passing of dreams, life and time. | Filmed in Germany.



itsy bitsy * WINNER: AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD (August 8, 2016)

Lisa and Juju Kusanagi

New York

CREDITS: Directed by: JuJu Kusanagi & Lisa Kusanagi Created by: JuJu Kusanagi & Lisa Kusanagi Executive producer: JuJu Kusanagi & Lisa Kusanagi Cast: JuJu Kusanagi & Lisa Kusanagi Director of photography: Annisa Amalia Edited by: JuJu Kusanagi Music by: Maxwell Transue & Tony Denove Costume design by: JuJu Kusanagi & Lisa Kusanagi Set & prop design by: Lisa Kusanagi Hair & makeup by: JuJu Kusanagi & Lisa Kusanagi Production Assistant: Mitchell Gustin

SUBMITTED SYNOPSIS: According to the research, there are 9 different types of intelligence; naturalistic, musical, logical-mathematical, existential, interpersonal, bodily-kinesthetic, linguistic, intrapersonal, and spatial. I question how can other intelligence besides linguistic and logical-mathematical, which are considered the “intellectual” in most academic institutions, gain more respect. Are there any other and more intelligence exist? So often I feel my aesthetic, idea, imagination, and mind are colonized by white supremacist capitalist patriarchy. I feel people are trying to colonize my perception, imagination, and personal logic. I reject them. I reject colonization of my imagination. Because my perception and imagination are reality. I must de-colonize my imagination, in order to think and create freely and logically in my own logical sense.

www.lisakusanagi.com | www.jujukusanagi.weebly.com



Dylan Tedaldi


CREDITS: Director, Dylan Tedaldi | Featuring Kathryn Hoiser | Music by WILDE

SUBMITTED SYNOPSIS: Somewhere between a fashion film and a dance performance, KATHRYN portrays a girl lost in movement. Easy, relaxed body language slowly transforms into fragments of disjointed choreography, only to collapse back onto itself again, leaving something that is purely human. Kathryn is both shy and seductive, hesitant and eager. As the music builds, so does Kathryn's energy, and as the film comes to a close, Kathryn pauses in a moment of contemplation. We are unsure whether we have just watched Kathryn dance. Perhaps we were just observing her thoughts.



cosmic corruption

Jack Henry Robbins


CREDITS: Jack-Henry Robbins & Taylor Light

SUBMITTED SYNOPSIS: The reason this is called Cosmic Corruption is as follows. In 2012 i filmed this dance video in boston with my friend dancing to a Fela Kuti song. However right after we recorded a quite foolish DP deleted our entire 4 minute dance. When i recovered the footage and was watching it for the first time i was listening to a harp record and as you will see it goes together perfectly. Cosmically.



enso * WINNER: GRANDY JURY AWARD (August 8, 2015)

Faith Morrison, & Robert Uehlin


CREDITS: Choreography by Faith Morrison Videography by Robert Uehlin Edited Jointly Dancers: Robin Ewing, Faith Morrison, Cecily Wechter, and Rosie Yerke Sound Score: "Side A" by Andris Balins "Silzand" and "Neziba" by Marco Raaphorst "Noveller" by Redgrave "HHHHH" by Kohfra T and Ghofra Z

SUBMITTED SYNOPSIS: Ensō is the second iteration of site-specific research performed by Faith Morrison that investigates the creation and communication of a kinesthetic experience of place. This research considers the potential for dance and film to engage in a sensory experience of place, explore feeling states of place, and convey these experiences through the medium of screendance. The work was filmed over six days in the Oregon Dunes National Recreation area at Eel Creek. It was created in collaboration with filmmaker Robert Uehlin, and dancers, Robin Ewing, Cecily Wechter, and Rosie Yerke.